01 May 2012

About Drawn to Québec

FAQs     The Big Idea

Drawn to Québec exists online and on the ground.  As a group of individuals, we make and showcase two-dimensional works inspired by Québec - the historic architecture, grand parks, nostalgic rural lifestyles and expanses of wild country.

Are YOU Drawn to Québec?
We organize group sessions, at various locations throughout and around Quebec City. These sessions offer a casual environment in which to pursue your medium of choice. If you are new to working outdoors, this is an ideal way to try your hand at nature drawing and journaling, architectural sketches, etc.  Join us to get in on the fun!

Location sketching
We emphasize pieces created on location, often en plein air (outdoors).  Pieces may be paintings, sketches, or other works created in a specific location.  If you would like to contribute a sketch or post to this site, feel free to contact us.  We welcome contributions from local sketchers, as well as visitors to the city.

"Sounds neat, but I don't think I'm an artist..."
We hold the conviction that anyone can produce a piece which is visually stimulating, and personally satisfying. More importantly, everyone sees the world in a unique way, and we can learn a lot as visual artists by being exposed to the styles of others.  Come to a session, and see for yourself how it feels to be Drawn to Québec.  If you are still unconvinced, read 'What's the big idea?' to learn what motivated us to organize this group.