Participating is easy!  Seriously.  
Check our calendar, and come sketch with us.


About DtQ     The big idea     FAQs

We welcome adults of all languages and skill levels.  You may be a professional artist, or have never done anything deliberately artistic before in your life.

We hope you will actively participate - suggest possible locations, let others look at what you make/do/draw, allow us to post scans or photos of your work here on the site, and tell others who might be interested.

Whatever your reason, as long as you are interested in a casual, group-based arts experience, you may be in the right place.  Read 'What's the big idea?' for more about why we organized this group.

When & Where?
Visit our calendar for info about upcoming sessions.

Contact us to join our mailing list.  You will be notified of upcoming sessions.  Most sessions require an RSVP at least 24 hours in advance, as noted in the session descriptions.  If there are other limitations (number of participants, extra fees to access a location, etc.), they will be indicated in the email notification.

$$ How much?
There is no participation fee.  However, all participants are responsible for their own materials and entrance fees to sketching locations, unless otherwise noted in the event description.